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Steroids are often used for testing fertility and in development diagnostic assays. BiosPacific carries a portfolio of key steroidal targets including monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies and conjugates.

latest additions to our portfolio

Estradiol Antibodies
Progesterone Monoclonals
Testosterone Monoclonals
FMI Catalog No. Name Source Detail/Pairing Information  
A29220 Cortisol Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
D25010 Cortisol Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit  
P21400 Cortisol Stripped Serum Human  
V53230 Cortisol, 3-HRP Conjugate  
D22510 DHEA Sulfate Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit  
A54080 Estradiol Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
D21010 Estradiol Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit  
V54010 Estradiol, 3-HRP Conjugate  
V56110 Estradiol, 6-BSA Conjugate  
V54020 Estradiol, 6-HRP Conjugate  
A54200 Estriol Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
A54230 Estriol Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
A54240 Estriol Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
D22010 Estriol Polyoclonal Antibody Rabbit  
V56090 Estriol, 3-BSA Conjugate  
V54030 Estriol, 3-HRP Conjugate  
V56120 Estriol, 6-BSA Conjugate  
V54040 Estriol, 6-HRP Conjugate  
A25050 Progesterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
A25049 Progesterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
1801-100248 Progesterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
1802-100249 Progesterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
1803-100250 Progesterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
1805-100252 Progesterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
D23010 Progesterone Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit up  
P21200 Progesterone Stripped Serum Human  
V54230 Progesterone, 11-ALP Conjugate  
V56050 Progesterone, 11-BSA Conjugate  
V54220 Progesterone, 11-HRP Conjugate  
A53070 Testosterone Monoclonal Antibody  
A53101 Testosterone Monoclonal Antibody Murine  
D24010 Testosterone Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit  
V56060 Testosterone, 3-BSA Conjugate  
V56061 Testosterone, 3-HRP Conjugate  

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